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Verify Cisco UCS Fabric Interconnect Cluster Setup

Verify Cisco UCS Fabric Interconnect Cluster Setup

Immediately after both Cisco UCS Fabric Interconnect configurations are complete, how do you verify the cluster state? It is recommended to log in to the UCS Fabric Interconnect via SSH and verify the cluster status through CLI. Two main commands can be used to verify the cluster state.

Use the following commands to verify the cluster state:

show cluster state Displays the operational state and leadership role for both fabric interconnects in a high availability cluster.

The following example displays that both fabric interconnects are in the Up state, HA is in the Ready state, fabric interconnect A has the primary role, and fabric interconnect B has the subordinate role:
UCS-A# show cluster state Cluster Id: 0x4432f72a371511de-0xb97c000de1b1ada4 A: UP, PRIMARY B: UP, SUBORDINATE HA READY


show cluster extended-state Displays extended details about the cluster state and typically used when troubleshooting issues.

The following example shows how to view the extended state of a cluster:UCSC# show cluster extended-state 0x2e95deacbd0f11e2-0x8ff35147e84f3de2Start time: Thu May 16 06:54:22 2013Last election time: Thu May 16 16:29:28 2015System Management
Viewing the Cluster State


A: memb state UP, lead state PRIMARY, mgmt services state: UP
B: memb state UP, lead state SUBORDINATE,
mgmt services state: UP heartbeat state PRIMARY_OK
Detailed state of the device selected for HA quorum data:
Device 1007, serial: a66b4c20-8692-11df-bd63-1b72ef3ac801, state: active
Device 1010, serial: 00e3e6d0-8693-11df-9e10-0f4428357744, state: active
Device 1012, serial: 1d8922c8-8693-11df-9133-89fa154e3fa1, state: active

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