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Attempt CCNA, DevNet and more now Cisco Exams sitting at home

Attempt CCNA, DevNet and more now Cisco Exams sitting at home

Effective April 15, 2020, Cisco will begin delivering certification exams using online proctoring from Pearson VUE. Online proctoring provides you with the ability to pursue the new Cisco Certification exams including the new DevNet track without delay. You also can save time and money since no travel is required.


You must meet specific environmental and system requirements and agree to follow admission and security policies.  If online testing is not a feasible option for you, taking a live, in-person proctored exam will still be an option.  You can check the status of your testing center here,


Cisco online testing requirements

To successfully test remotely, qualified candidates must meet the following requirements:

  • Access to a quiet, private location
  • Reliable device with a webcam
  • Strong Internet connection
  • On VUE software
  • Government-issued identification

Before you register, you must perform and pass a system check to participate in online testing.


How does online testing work?

Your online registration process does not change except that you may now select to test at home or an office as a testing option.

You may continue to use the following forms of payment: valid exam vouchers, valid promotional codes, credit cards and Cisco Learning Credits.

The online testing software employs live proctors, augmented with artificial intelligence that uses techniques such as facial recognition and eye movement tracking, to help proctors perform their duties and quickly flag potential security violations.


Online testing exceptions

  • All written, proctored Cisco Certification exams can be taken online with a few exceptions:
    • 100-110 ENU CCENT (Invitation Only)
    • 352-011 ENU Cisco Certified Design Expert Practical Exam
    • 352-001 ENU Cisco Certified Design Expert Qualification Exam
  • Online proctored tests can be delivered in most countries around the globe. There are country exceptions for standard restricted countries and China, Japan and Slovenia.


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